Artist Information

Here’s everything you need to know to be an exhibiting artist at the Wai Art Show

Please read all the details below before submitting your booking request. Alternatively you can download this information as a pdf here.

Wai Art Show Dates 2023

Friday 8 to Sunday 10 September 2023

At Carterton Event Centre

OPEN 9am – 5pm DAILY


Important Dates

Saturday 1 July– Panel bookings open via this website

Monday 4 September– Panel set-up starts at 9am

Tuesday 5 September– Volunteer 2D artists set-up at 9am

Wednesday 6 September– Local 2D artists set-up at 9am

Thursday 7 September– Out of town artists and 3D artists set-up at 9am
– Artist and families opening and social get together 5.30pm

Friday 8 September– Show opens at 9am

Sunday 10 September– Show closes at 5pm

Monday 11 September– Panel pack-out 9am. Help much appreciated!

Firstly, huge thanks for Robyn for doing a wonderful job of managing the sale for the last four years. Management of the show has now returned to volunteers; Anna-Marie Kingsley, Ngaire Kearney and Jo Lysaght are your management team.

As you have probably noticed we have rebranded. An increase in the quality of artworks made us rethink how the show should be marketed.

There is a 15% commission on sales that goes towards Wai Art Trust activities, supporting and promoting Wairarapa Artists.

Panel prices are increasing from $50 to $60 per panel for 2D artworks and per 3D space for Wai Art Group members. Subs are $20 and can be paid on the day. Non-member prices are $85 per 2D panel and per 3D space.

All 3D (three dimensional) art including ceramics, jewellery, sculpture and furniture, has been moved to the Rangitane Hub (within the same building). Only 2D art and photography will be displayed in the auditorium. All 3D artists will be allowed to have one representative piece on display in the foyer to pique buyer interest.

Requesting panels is from 1st July, online only at Please don’t send messages, email or phone us requesting panels be held for you – we can’t. You need to use the website to book your panels. You can request up to 4 panels per artist, and we will allocate the panels on the 1st of August and let you know via email how many panels you have been allocated.

You will need a 250-word artist biography, along with another 250 words describing your artwork and at least two images of your artwork to upload when you fill out the panel request form (photos need to be between 1MB and 2MB). Have these items ready before attempting to start filling out the request form.

You only pay for your panels on the artwork set-up day. You can pay by cash and EFTPOS. There is no credit card facility.

In the unlikely event of you having to cancel your panel booking – please let us know as soon as possible so we can reallocate your panels. (Phone Anna-Marie on 021 55 2112.)

The panels are 1.2m wide by 2.4m high. When working out your artwork placement on the lounge floor at home, remember that you need to be aware of artists beside you. Be kind and aware of your neighbours. Don’t encroach on their space or go right to the edge of your panel.

As it is a cash and carry show, the artworks are taken by the buyer as soon as they have been paid for. You will be alerted via text that your artwork has been sold and you can replace it if you wish. We have very limited storage on-site so we cannot hold extra artworks, you will need to hold them off-site or in your car and replace them as and when you wish.

It is very tempting to cram as many artworks onto your panel as possible, but this is actually detrimental to not only the look of your panel, but also potential sales. Try to give each artwork enough space to shine.

Youth artwork panels

There will be panels set aside for artists under 21 years old who would like to exhibit one or two artworks. $5 per artwork, maximum size is 50cm by 50cm. Artworks can be replaced if they sell for no extra cost.

3D artworks

Three dimensional artists are in the Rangitane Hub down the hall a bit. This format change is to enable the 3D artists more room to display their artworks, gives a more cohesive vibe to the show and allows more artists to participate. Also it is soooo much easier to unload! Head down the lane between the hideous grey clock tower and the big green Carters building to the back of the Event Centre. Do not accidentally go through the mesh gates into the council yard – truly, the sky falls in and we get shouted at.

Choose a gorgeous piece for display in the foyer that you feel shows off your artistic abilities the best. As these sell, you can replace them too.

3D artists spaces are floor area of 1.2m by 2.4m for the same prices as panels for 2D artists. You can request up to 3 spaces.

You will need to bring your own display tables/plinths. Black cloth underneath artworks, if you have access to it, often shows up artworks beautifully.

3D artists can choose to work within their space if they desire. This not only intrigues visitors and engages them with the artist, but it also helps with sales.

Remember to label all artworks appropriately with a business card size label with your name, artwork title, medium and price on it. A sticker with just a price or your initials is no help to us on the sales desk.

Exhibition panels are entirely self-managed by participating artists. Couriered artworks cannot be accepted. Artists hang their own artworks and it is up to you how you hang your panel. All artworks must have an accompanying label that is placed relative to your artwork so that it is blindingly obvious to volunteers that it is the right label.

Artwork labels must be business card size, and comply to the following format:

Artist name:
Artwork title:

(DO NOT use decimal places, for example use $65 not $65.00. Using the decimal places is not only redundant it is also confusing.)

Alternatively you can download an A4 sheet of labels here.

We suggest you keep your artwork labels quite simple. Decorating them with little silver stars or stickers might look lovely, but it confuses the public. A confused public is not a buying public.

As the artworks are sold, they are brought up to the sales desk with the corresponding label by a volunteer – if you don’t have a label with your actual name on it, then we have no idea who to attribute the sold artwork and consequently (and rather importantly) payment to. It helps enormously if you have the artwork details on the back of your artwork. Often the price on the label is different to the price on the back of the artwork. If there is a discrepancy, we will always use the price on the label. The main auditorium is reserved for two dimensional artworks only.

Artwork set-up

Absolutely no food or drink (including your takeaway coffee) is allowed in the auditorium during set up. Yes, we have had artworks damaged from spilled coffee, no it couldn’t be fixed, yes there were tears and copious amounts of soggy tissues.

You will need a battery powered drill with a square head driver to hang your artworks, and (unless you are 6 foot 4) you will need a step ladder. Please only use the screws provided. Do not hammer anything into the panel as you risk knocking off artworks on the other side of your panel. Every single year we get some artist that gets it into their head to use their own screws – please do not to do this – drives us absolutely nuts to have to find a different screw-driver head to undo a panel of Phillips head screws. After artwork pack-up, please remove the screws and return them to our boxes.

Sale of cards, prints etc

If you wish to sell cards or prints you will need to request at least three panels. This allows space to set up a teeny tiny table without encroaching on either walking space or your artist neighbour. Please make sure your cards and prints are clearly labelled with your name and price to make sure we can enter the correct sales details.


Other than you being there on the panel set up day and choosing your own panel placement, there isn’t anything we can do about lighting. It is adjusted by the event centre staff at night via this enormous scissor-jack-lift thingy when we aren’t in the building, so they don’t accidentally run anyone over.


What you price your artworks at is entirely up to you. We do suggest that you don’t listen to other artists with their pricing suggestions – us artists are very jealous creatures and will instinctively tell you your prices are far too cheap so you put them up and don’t sell as much. If you are unsure, have a look at another artist’s work that is comparable to your style and ability and make your decision based on that. As far as I am aware buyers look at artwork prices and go “I love it! AND I can afford it!” I have never, ever heard any buyer say “I love it! But I won’t buy it because it is too cheap.”

If you are a first-time exhibitor, and price your artworks to sell, and sell out this year – Yipppee! Then put your prices up a bit next year. Remember that your relatives and friends will be hoping to support you – don’t make it too expensive for them to do so.

Artwork sales

As soon as an artwork is sold and paid for, it is removed from the wall and wrapped up in bubble wrap for the buyer. All sold artworks need to be out of the building by 5pm on Sunday. We have no provision for later payment, storage or collection after 5pm on Sunday.

Artist opening night

Kicks off at 5.30pm on Thursday. This is a very casual wine and cheese event for artists and their families to get together and celebrate their magnificence and bask in the glory of their gorgeous artworks. No annoying speeches, and no cost to artists or their financially long-suffering supportive families. This event goes a tiny way towards making up for all those late dinners and piles of unfolded laundry while you were in the creative mood.

Yes, you have the opportunity to buy each others artworks as the sales desk will be open.

Punters taking photographs of your artwork

Yes, potential buyers are allowed to take photographs of your artworks – they are usually doing it for spousal approval. No, they are not stealing your ideas – they would do that off your website or facebook page. Please don’t shout at them.

Replacing sold artwork

To keep the exhibition looking good, feel free to replace and rearrange your panel during the exhibition if your artworks sell. We have a couple of helpers who will lift your artwork up to fill in gaps on your board. There will be a designated helper who will text artists as their artworks sell so if you wish you can nip in and replace them. There will be a battery powered screwdriver and step ladder available at the front desk if you need it.

Pack out

We are open till 5pm on Sunday so be respectful to the buyers and organisers, and don’t make Anna-Marie go all cat-bum faced. Do not start pulling your artworks off the wall or packing up or sitting there like vultures with a stack of suitcases or boxes waiting. Chill out and relax.

Rest of the small print

Wai Art is a very easy, laid-back friendly art show. That being said; it is very stressful for some artists to put their art out in the public; some have described it as a bit like exposing your baby on a mountain for the wolves. So, we understand if you are finding it a bit tough. We are here to help. Pop up to the front desk for a hug or reassurance that all will be well.

There is no selection process of artists or artworks. However, the committee reserves the right to remove artwork if it is deemed inappropriate for whatever reason.

Artworks that have been previously exhibited are perfectly acceptable.

Artworks must not be subject to copyright and must have been completed by the exhibiting artist. Artworks by other artists, cannot be on-sold. Participating artists must be currently alive, we cannot sell artworks from deceased artists.


Insurance for artworks is always solely the responsibility of the artist, during transit and while on exhibition. All reasonable care will be taken of artworks, but the committee cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage during the exhibition, or set-up, or in transit.

And to save you the time of actually checking this out – you can’t actually insure your artwork for anything other than the cost of materials until it is sold.


We can’t do the show without you! We need lots of help with the panel set up on Monday 4th September starting at 9am, and panel take down on Monday 11th September starting at 9am.

There will be a roster at the front desk for helpers during the show that can be filled out when paying for your panels/spaces. It is a great show to help at and has a lovely buzz and energy.

Best wishes for a fantastic Wai Art Show – we are really looking forward to it.
Anna-Marie, Ngaire, and Jo.