Frequently Asked Questions

Arrrgh! I have an unavoidable emergency and have to cancel three days before the show opens – how do I do it?

Text Anna-Marie on 021 55 2112 as soon as possible so we can reallocate your panels to another artist.

When can I book my panels and how do I do it?

Panel bookings open on 1st July. Booking is online only, on this website. You will need to have ready: a 250-word max artist bio and a 250-word max description of your artwork. And two representative jpeg photos of your artwork ready to upload with a size between 1MB and 2MB.

How can I change/cancel my booking before Monday 4 September?

Email Anna-Marie on as soon as possible so we can reallocate your panels to another artist.

What is the difference between an artist bio and an artwork description?

Generally for art shows, the artist biography wibbles on about the artist in the third person and then gets all esoteric about the artwork and how it depicts the evolution of man gazing at his navel fluff… yada yada. Often it will list major selected exhibitions and prizes the artist has won for their work.

But what if you haven’t exhibited before? What do you say then?

I suggest you Google how to write an artist biography for inspiration. Do write it in the third person as we will possibly be using the information you provide for the Wai Art Show social media promotional material. Take time to make your biography as relevant and appealing as possible. Let it reflect your personality, if you have a sense of humour then let it shine; if you are more serious, then let that come through.

When will I know how many panels I have been allocated?

We should be able to accommodate all our artists with at least 1 panel. We will send you an email to let you know we have received your booking request ASAP, and send out an email on August 1st to let you know how many panels you have been allocated if you have requested multiple panels.

How do I know if my artwork is 2D or 3D?

If all your artworks can hang freely on a wall (other than jewellery) then it is classed as 2D. The auditorium is for 2D (2 dimensional artworks only). All 3D (three dimensional) artworks (including jewellery, pottery, or anything that goes on a shelf or plinth) are displayed in the Rangitane hall. Set up for 3D artworks is on Thursday only.

I’m a youth artist – when do I bring my artworks in?

Anytime on Tuesday 5th September, we are there till 5pm. You can get someone else to bring them in if you can’t make it that day, just give them the money to pay for your artwork entry fee. We will hang the artwork for you.

When do I pay for my panels?

Not until the artwork set up day. Come into the Event Centre, rock up to the sales desk in the foyer, and we will help you find your panel, and you pay then. EFTPOS is available or cash, but there is no credit card facility.

How big are the panels?

1.2m wide by 2.4m high. Remember to leave adequate space around your artworks though so it they don’t look crammed in.

Can I choose where I want my panels to be?

As a reward for helping set the panels up, (and it is an enormous job) volunteers get to choose their panels at the end of the set up. It takes around 4 hours to set up, and kicks off at 9am on Monday 4th September. It helps if you bring a stepladder, a 10mm socket thingy on a battery powered drill, and a 10mm spanner. Put your name on everything with an indelible marker pen. If you don’t have those tools, then don’t worry – we need plenty of help to carry boards etc.

Can I use my own screws for putting my artwork up?

Nope. No. Nada. Nay. Non. Nee. Nei.

We have bazillions of square drive screws available for you to use, so PLEASE don’t use your own. The issue with you using your own screws is that there is invariably one left in the board when we take the panels down, and we have to faff around finding the right screwdriver head to get it out. Best not.

Is there an opening night?

Not to the general public, but on Thursday night from 5.30pm there is an artist and their family’s wine and cheese get together. This is specifically for artists to meet each other and buy each other’s artwork if desired, and for the long-suffering artists families to bask in the glory of their terribly clever family member. Yes, the sales desk will be open for artwork sales.

I’m really stuck on how to price my artworks – can I get some advice?

Yes, rock up to the sales desk on the artwork hanging days and Anna-Marie can help you. She isn’t there to flatter your ego though so be prepared for a realistic appraisal. Tissues can be provided to mop up the tears.

How can I help increase my artwork sales?

The most helpful and incredibly useful thing you can do is share the Wai Art Show Facebook and Instagram posts. Even if the posts aren’t about your artwork specifically the more visitors the show gets through the door the more chances you have to sell your art. Tell everyone you know about the show, tell them you are going to be in it and you are really excited to be taking part.